Project: Code Snippet Collection

Project: Code Snippet Collection

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custom-built theme

I found myself often making repeat Google searches for the syntax for that WordPress function or for an Ajax request, how exactly to format a PHP date. Eventually, I had these pieces of code in various projects, I would try to recall where it was to go and consult.

I decided to create a system to help me keep track of these frequently consulted snippets of code! I drew inspiration from the simplicity of a Trello card, but I wanted to be quickly able to copy the code to the clipboard, so made the main action was copying the code on click!

I chose to create a custom WordPress theme, to give me practice in WP theming, and performing Ajax requests using WP built-in functions. I also experimented with custom fields, adding a field for the rank of each snippet (the number of times it is copied to the clipboard). There is a public rank and a private rank so I can keep track of just me, and share these little snippets for others!


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