Friendly Handyman Services in Verdun, QC

A photo of Justin Thomas the handyman himself! He is wearing a pink hat and has yellow ear protectors around his neck. It is a sunny day in Verdun, QC.

I offer handyman services in Verdun, Ville-Émard, LaSalle, Pointe-St-Charles, St. Henri, Westmount, Downtown Montreal and on the Plateau.

Currently not accepting new clients

I am currently not accepting new clients for handwork until summer 2023.

Handyman Service

I offer a professional and courteous handyman service in your home. My goal with my handyman service is to help you repair/upgrade/hack/beautify your space and offer it some extra care. I am especially interested in making handiwork accessible to fellow members of the queer community so that we can all share in handiness!


I can help you with that oh-so-important seasonal task of installing (or uninstalling) your AC ( in-window or portable).

I can help you safely affix things to your walls including:

  • Curtains
  • Frames/Artwork
  • Shelving
  • Mirrors

I can also help you patch/plaster/paint those holes in your walls.

I can help with that Ikea or other furniture assembly including:

  • Couches
  • Tables
  • Shelving
  • Bed Frames

I can also help you find and install custom shelving solutions.

With my knowledge of the Alexander Technique I will help you find the best setup for your desk and chair setup.

Nothing makes an apartment more a home than a sound system! I can help you set up a DIY speaker system using second-hand speakers that will make your home extra cozy.

Using my background in technical theatre, I can swap out your old light fixtures, and add your own dimmers & switches.

If you have an older MacBook Pro, Macbook Air or MacMini (Pre 2015), I can help with my repair skills:

  • Battery Replacement
  • RAM Memory upgrade
  • SSD Storage upgrade


I work primarily in Verdun but will travel to the following areas of the city:

  • LaSalle
  • Ville-Émard
  • Pointe-St-Charles
  • St. Henri
  • Westmount
  • Downtown Montreal
  • Plateau


I offer my handyperson services at a rate of $35/h. I have a 2-hour minimum.

I offer some sliding scale spots starting at $20/h.

When the job requires the use of a car, I charge $0.50/km.

I invoice after the job is done, payment can be made by Interact Etransfer.

Please contact me with more details about your project(s) to get started!

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Where it Began

Where all the curiosity began, back in the 90’s!

I was always a curious kid, and tinkering was a true form of fun from an early age. I had no trouble taking things apart, and I quickly learned the phrase “I can’t put it back together, I’m just little” after squeezing a scrunchie in the VCR player.

As I grew up I brought my tinkering to the theatre and applied it to set building and lighting design, eventually touching a bit of everything within the world of technical theatre during my bachelor’s degree at Mount Allison University.

My apartment became my theatre, and instead of building sets for a play, I tried to adapt my living spaces to be as welcoming as possible, my knowledge of theatre really helped me to understand things like decor and light could really change how you feel!

I believe care can take many forms, and I am interested in how my work in designing and improving the ambiance and function of physical spaces can offer care to those within them.

I offer my friendly Handyman Services in Verdun QC, and sorrounding areas. Reach out to get started!